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The Perfect Investment in Lombok

The Awang Hills

At this location, at the beginning we opened a 2 hectare land, we prepared it to become a natural luxury residential complex, with spectacular views, so that anyone who will live here will feel a completely different atmosphere.


The Awang Hills is more than an investment; this is a lifestyle opportunity for anyone wanting for new space. But not far from business centers in Indonesia or the world, because it is close to Lombok International Airport


We hope that whoever lives here will feel comfortable living without being disturbed by air and noise pollution.



Plot of land that you have, we can help to build the villa that you dream of.


As an investor in the Awang Hills, you will have access to our team of trusted architects & designers who have good experience in Indonesia. You are also entitled to work with your own team.

The Perfect Investment in Lombok

Photo Gallery The Awang Hills

The Project

Bird View

Progress Development

Road construction


Site Plan

The Perfect Investment in Lombok

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